A Short Vacation!

Sorry for the unintended absence.  I have used a computer since 1984 (the Panasonic Senior Partner, a weighty “portable” with an amber screen, a built-in thermal printer, and two – yes, two – built-in 5 1/4″ floppy drives!).  But blogging is new to me, and while my dreams and vision were wildly awake at 2:30 am, my memory was not, and the password I carefully stored away was nowhere to be found.  And when I tried to reset it, I found myself with a new blog account I didn’t want, and no administrative rights to this one.  

But here I am, back at last, with plans to make the site better  I will be storing all of UMC Disability Connections’ weekly devotionals here in the archives.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please leave a comment.


Welcome to my virtual “upper room”!

As we started our prayer ministry, sending out short devotionals each week sharing the stories of people living in faith with disability, several people suggested I start writing a blog as well. I must confess I’ve never really followed a blog, much less written one, but what the heck! This is a place for us to share our frustrations and our victories, a place to encourage each other and give each other hints and advice.

If you have a question that perhaps someone else can answer, or I have a question someone out there can answer, or we just need a place to lay our weary heads sometimes – this is it.  It will also house our past devotionals and links to information on disabling conditions, special people, and living confidently in faith.  Welcome to our virtual world!  Pastor Diane