God’s Quilt (May 4, 2014

This week I attended a quilt workshop. There were so many joys. The instructor spent her high school years in the same area I did, and we had fun reminiscing. So many kind ladies helped bring in my sewing machine, my supplies, and helped with my service dogs (one of which, the trainee, can still be unruly). One of the organizers of the class kindly set up a special ironing board at wheelchair height for me. I love the chance to be creative, and I love to sew, so the chance to get my hands on fabric for six hours was wonderful.

The quilt we were making was called “Spooling Around,” and it is pictured below. The best part of the day was when I looked at the quilt up close, and once again I noticed how all the different sizes of spools, in all their different fabric prints and colors, fit together so harmoniously.

Just as the quilt has a place for each and every piece of fabric, no matter the size, shape or color, in God’s world there is a place for each and every one of us, disabilities included. Our differences make the quilt of God’s kingdom all the more colorful, I think.158 Spoolin Around-lg



May your week be blessed with peace, and may you be assured of the importance of your place in God’s plan for the world. Peace and Joy, Pastor Diane


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