Lighting Fires (June 1, 2014)

One of the joys of this ministry has been meeting new people who join the mailing list.  There are so many exciting things happening around our denomination, so many hearts awakening to the call of ministry by, with, and for the disabled.

Sally DePalma is the Director of the One Roof Initiative in Tampa, FL, whose five year plan includes support groups, adult day programs, community collaboration, etc.  “We believe that we are being called to go into the residential realm on some level.  We are officially rolling the ministry out on June 11 at the Florida UMC Annual Conference in Lakeland, FL where we will have a 3 day presence as we meet pastors and lay leaders from around the State.”

The One Roof Initiative has a Facebook page at  Sally would appreciate prayers “for a successful launch in that we do it with integrity and that there is interest generated in the leaders that we meet.”

Rev. Georgia Hale enjoys helping people around the world, and will be putting out a request for a Volunteers in Mission (VIM) team June to serve a school in Peru.  Her VIM team is unique because it welcomes people with different abilities.  She requests prayers for “courage, grace, and wisdom for all gifts to be used.”

Georgia writes a blog at

Rev. Dr. Lorna Bradley, an ordained deacon, serves as a fellow at the Hope and Healing Institute in Houston.  Her passion is for supporting the entire family effected by special needs, and she has written a seven-week Bible study for a parent support group which will be piloted at four churches in the Houston area this summer and fall.

Rev Doc Lorna has a web page,, and a blog as well,  She too has a prayer request:  “There is an upcoming conference in Dallas June 16-20, the Summer Institute Faith and Disability Conference, organized by Bill Gaventa.  Registration is coming along well, but there is still a good amount of room for more participants.  Please pray that this conference effectively reaches those in need of the information that will be shared there.”

Dear God, thank you for the creative people who find new ways to reach out in love to those the world calls and treats as disabled, and their families.  Keep them strong and inspired, compassionate and eloquent.  Let their fire for mercy and justice incite others to join the cause.  In the name of the Great Healer, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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